Light Digitalization

Expand horizon of micro-LED technology and continue to create new markets in multiple use-cases. Let's drive further innovations together!



The concept build started in 2018 with a goal to ensure sufficient brightness and at the same time, improve flexibility in projection. Our ambition was to create new applications in the market and, as is Nichia's forever goal, contribution to society. Together with Infineon Technologies, we created the development of the bright and stable micro-LED, the high-performance ASIC to drive pixels, and the technology to combine and integrate them. While challenges had to be overcome, mass production started in early 2023.
Let's together take proactive, positive and innovative steps today to create a better and brighter future.


16,384 micro-LEDs, each smaller in diameter than a hair, are mounted at intervals of 400 per square millimeter.


PKG Size
20 × 13 × 1.68 mm

Micro LEDs

Chip Size
45 micron


120 ℃, lout 3.5mA
83 cd/mm2

Pixel Allocation

256 × 64 px
16,384 px

Emission Size

12.8 × 3.2 mm
Aspect ratio 1:4


Full Integration

Smart Power Delivery

Dynamic emission
As pattern needed

μLED Light Source

Micro-LED matrix light source integrating with heterogeneous semiconductor functions, Lighting and Manipulation into one package.

Stable brightness under high load contributions achieved by 16,384 high brightness micro-LEDs - Lighting Technology.
Pixel controlled ASIC for micro-LED driving and monitoring, power distribution and signal processing - Manipulating Technology.
Three-dimensional mounting with micro-LEDs and custom ASIC, integrating the control engine directly under the micro-LEDs - Integrating Technology.

This was achieved through a cooperative joint development framework with Infineon Technologies.

Use-case Example

These new innovative applications will expand to improve safety and comfort for drivers and the surrounding environment.

Lighting Distribution Tuning

Consideration of regulations and Axis balance by software


High-Definition Adaptive Driving Beam "HD-ADB"


Precise control of glare and reflection

Farther Light

Far-field spot


Road and traffic conditions


Lane assist, road indicators