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Full-color RGB SMD LED with a lens.Contributes to environmentally-friendly advertising by combining the features of through-hole and SMD LEDs.

Product Features

What is NSSM237B?

NSSM237B is a full-color RGB SMD LED with a lens designed for outdoor displays, developed using Nichia's proprietary technology. It achieves brightness comparable to through-hole LEDs with even greater contrast, while maintaining the lightweight, thinness, and compactness of SMD LEDs. This LED represents a completely new innovation by combining the best features of through-hole and SMD LEDs.

Not only does it enhance the beauty of the content displayed, but it also consumes low power and minimizes the impact on the night sky through controlled light distribution. Additionally, it contributes to environmentally-friendly advertising by eliminating the need for a bulky enclosure thanks to its lightweight design.

Advantages of using NSSM237B

Traditionally, through-hole and SMD LEDs have been used for outdoor displays, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. However, through the technology Nichia has cultivated over many years, Nichia has successfully combined these advantages. Introducing the NSSM237B, featuring the following:

Table 1. Features of LED Technologies

Through-hole1 SMD1 NSSM237B
High Contrast B C A
Color Matching A C A
Low Power Consumption A D B
Control of Light Polution A D A
Lightweight + Thinner D A A

For Cities (vs SMD)

1. High Contrast

Compared to conventional outdoor displays that use SMDs, a display that uses NSSM237B has less light reflection and high contrast. Furthermore, high contrast is maintained even when exposed to sunlight.

Figure 1. Contrast Comparison

2. Good Color Matching

The lens of the NSSM237B is designed in such a way that each bubble is optimized for each RGB die to ensure excellent color matching even when viewing the display from below.

Figure 2. When Viewing the Display from Below

3. Energy Saving

By adopting the NSSM237B, which boasts overwhelming brightness, power consumption is reduced by approximately 55% compared to conventional SMDs.

Figure 3. Low Power Comparison

4. Light Pollution Control

With its optimized downward distribution, it minimizes the impact on the night sky. Nichia's expertise in light control technology contributes to creating environmentally-friendly advertisements that support the Dark Sky2 initiative.

Figure 4. Light Distribution

Figure 5. Comparison of Light Pollution for the Night Sky

For Suburbs (vs through-hole)

5. Lightweight + Thinner

NSSM237B enables a weight reduction of 85% and can almost halve the weight of the display compared to three through-hole LEDs (1 pixel). Additionally, it allows for thinning of the display like SMD.

Figure 6. Comparison of Individual LED Weights

Figure 7. Comparison of Display Weights

Replacing Static Billboards

When transitioning from statics to digital billboards, if attempting to switch to through-hole LED displays, the casing will need to be strengthened in order to support the heavy display. On the other hand, by using NSSM237B, as mentioned earlier, it becomes lightweight and slim, allowing for digitalization while using the casing designed for the static display.

Figure 8. Replacing Static Billboards

1Common LEDs

2DarkSky International:

Notes: NSSM237B is Nichia Corporation's part number for this Nichia product


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