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Super High Luminance LED

The Challenge of Innovative Structures
A completely new LED that expands the possibilities of lighting design

Product Features

What is the Super High Luminance LED?

This is the world's first LED that achieves super high luminance through an innovative structure with multiple light-emitting layers.
It enables simplification and miniaturization of luminaire design, and leads to the realization of completely new lighting spaces.

With triple the luminance, more compact fixtures are possible

The package size (3535) is the same as that of conventional point light sources, and yet this LED has super high luminance achieved by Nichia's unique technology, and this enables compact fixture design.

Figure 1: Comparison of luminance with conventional products of the same package size

Figure 2: Enabling Compact Fixture Design

What can be achieved with the Super High Luminance LED?

  • Shop Lighting

Compact fixture design minimizes the presence of the luminaire, giving more flexibility in the design of the lighting spaces and enhances the sense of luxury.

  • Portable Light / Machine Vision

Super high luminance enables irradiation with a higher brightness than ever before even from a limited, small space.

  • Task Lighting

By controlling the light distribution and illumination range of the luminaire properly, it is possible to avoid wasted extra light and makes the personal lighting space comfortable.
Combined with ambient lighting, it also contributes to power saving by adjusting the illumination level of the spaces properly.

Laser Diode (LD) is an option.




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