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Approx. 10 times brighter than LEDsWhite laser light source

Product Features

What is GigaWhite™?

GigaWhite™ is an ultra-bright SMD white laser diode created by combining a blue laser diode (LD) and phosphor. It was developed for automotive headlights, special lighting, and industrial lighting. Nichia's unique technology has realized uniform light with less color irregularity. Taking advantage of the characteristics of its ultra-high luminance, it enables lighting fixtures that are not yet available in the world, as well as compact headlight designs that can only be realized with LDs.
In addition, the built-in sensor enables the electrical detection of failures (cracks, dropouts, etc.) which may cause laser light leakage, thus ensuring a safe design.

Approx. 10 times brighter than LEDs Super high luminance only possible with LDs

As shown in the figure on the left, GigaWhite™ is capable of outputting ultra-bright white light that is approximately 10 times brighter than that of ordinary LEDs. With a brightness far exceeding that of LEDs, Nichia expects that GigaWhite™ will enable future lighting concepts not possible with today's technologies.
For example:

  • ・Ultra-compact headlights will change car design.
  • ・A flashlight that can illuminate long distances in the dark or underwater at night will improve safety.
  • ・Free lighting design using optical fiber will change how spaces can be illuminated.

GigaWhite™ will propose a future using LD.

Situations where the features of GigaWhite™ are used effectively

1. Ultra-compact Headlights

Example image

Ultra-compact headlights that take advantage of the high luminance of LDs. The extremely high luminance of LD light sources enables a low-profile design with a lens height of less than 10 mm, while still meeting ECE R112 Class-B Regulation requirements. This allows a much greater degree of freedom in design, enabling styling and creativity while achieving the ability to have the shape of the headlight be nearly undetectable.

High Beam
Luminous Flux: 1630lm
Peak Illuminance: 156lx @25m
ECE R112 Class-B Regulation

Low Beam
Luminous Flux: 1120lm
Peak Illuminance: 113lx @25m
ECE R112 Class-B Regulation

2. Other Possibilities

The advantages of ultra-bright white LD light sources can be further utilized by combining them with lenses that control light distribution. For example, when combined with a collimating lens, it can produce an ultra-narrow beam of light. Compared to LEDs, this makes it possible to illuminate distant objects even better than before. Also, when combined with a condenser lens, the light can be focused smaller and brighter than LEDs. This makes it possible to better illuminate small areas and to guide light into optical fibers more efficiently.
By applying optical fiber in this way, it may be possible to realize compact and lightweight street lights that could not be realized before. With creative ideas, the potential is endless when designing with GigaWhite™. For inquires, contact Nichia via the "Contact" button below.

An ultra-narrow beam of light

Example when used in a flashlight

Fiber optic light guide/light condensed in a very small area

Example when used for street lighting


Part No. Size
Color Light-emitting
IF[A] Voltage
Luminous Flux
Compatible Products
NUW9A2 46.5×20×9.4 White 2.3 8.2 1360 710 x=0.330
NUW7A2 46.5×20×9.4 White 1.0×0.5 2.3 8.2 1360 710 x=0.330
NUW7A5 46.5×20×9.4 White 0.5×0.5 2.3 8.2 1350 1310 x=0.330