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The world's first LED focused on human mind-body activation

Product Features

About Vitasolis™

Light is one of the most important elements that affect the human body and mind.
Vitasolis™ emits a natural white color with a high content of blue-green energy proven to stimulate awakening and supports a vibrant life.
This product can be used in offices, schools, hospitals, and many others for the purpose of improving circadian rhythms, productivity, and learning.

  • ❶Vitasolis™ raises the spectrum of the blue-green region around 480nm which lead to a 10% higher Melanopic Illuminance1, generation of serotonin2, and regulation of circadian rhythms.
  • ❷The wider spectrum makes the eyes more responsive and reduces eye strain.
  • ❸Vitasolis™ provides a clean and natural white color by lowering yellow peak.

"Upon measuring the level of physical and mental comfort and the level of stress, there has been a tendency that people working in a room lit with the Vitasolis™ spectrum experienced reduced tiredness and stress, and an increase in work efficiency in terms of psychology and physiology."

Professor Masayoshi Kamijo at Shinshu University

1The Melanopic Illuminance unit
The Melanopic Illuminance unit quantitatively captures the brightness affecting circadian rhythm. Unlike conventional illuminance, it is the illuminance weighted to ipRGCs, which are the light-sensitive ganglion cells on the retina. It is used as a criteria for the evaluation of circadian.

When humans get sunshine, serotonin is secreted within the cerebrum, leading to: Proactivity, stable mental outlook and peace of mind, quick and flexible thinking, strengthened intuition, improved work efficiency, reduced errors. It also helps to reduce the reactive oxygen species in the body that leads to aging.

MEER3 Comparison: Vitasolis™ vs. existing light source

Compared to a Ra≥80 light source, the MEER increased by 10% or more with Vitasolis™.

3MEER: Melanopic Equal-energy Efficacy Ratio, CIE S 026/E:2018

Applications for Vitasolis™

Through color tuning and spectral tuning4, Vitasolis™ enables optimal designs for environments focused on circadian rhythm.

Some examples include:

  • Patient rooms and Nursing Homes

Morning Vitasolis™/5000K
Evening Ra≥80/2700K

A place to stay and sleep for a long term

  • Secondary / Evening Education and Gyms


Facilities that require short-term focus, regardless of the time of day.

  • 24 hours running factories and Nursing Stations

24 hours Vitasolis™/4000K

Facilities that require constant concentration

  • Office and Schools

Morning Vitasolis™/4000K
Afternoon Ra≥80/4000K

The case people spend a lot of time but want to adjust only the MEER without changing the color temperature3 because they are mainly working.

4Vitasolis™ provides a unique solution to adjust circadian rhythm by changing the spectrum while maintaining the same color temperature.

Learn more about Dynasolis™, another color tuning proposal from Nichia focused on circadian rhythm.


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