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・The pursuit of quality of light as "AKARI" (light)

・LED with a spectrum close to sunlight

Product Features

Optisolis™ is believed to be able to reproduce any color naturally by achieving a spectral shape that is closest to the standard illuminant1, Since the UV emission is essentially non-existent in the spectrum, the degradation of irradiated objects can be reduced dramatically

Optisolis™ achieves a higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) (measured by Nichia) versus conventional lighting products widely used in general lighting today.

Example of spectrum (Part No. NFCWL036B-V3, TJ=85°C,DC) 2

An example of the color rendering index

1 Black body or CIE daylight defined by JIS Z 8720 (Standard light and standard light source for color measurement) 
2 The above values are from measured samples and are for reference purposes only, these values are not guaranteed.


Situation to Use

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